HEAVENLY HEARTS provides professional and reliable Visa Services for our Australian and International customers and clients…

HEAVENLY HEARTS' highly successful Romance Tour and Marriage Visa Services also includes Entry Visas and Letters of Invitation to countries such as Ukraine.

Our specialized Aussie service is one that is specifically tailor-made for our Australian clients or those residents who want to bring a lady to Australia to reside there on a permanent basis. Our expertise in helping with visas and documents for Australian customers and clients is second to none!

HEAVENLY HEARTS has helped and supported many clients with their Romance Tour and marriage visa needs. We have also been instrumental in helping our customers and clients to acquire Entry Visas and Letters of Invitation to countries such as Ukraine. HEAVENLY HEARTS' Service Structure provides personalized Romance Tours and follow-on or stand-alone Marriage Visa Services for Australian clients who have successfully found their respective lady and want to bring her back to their homeland to be their wife.

Here is what some of our SUCCESSFUL CLIENTS have to say about HEAVENLY HEARTS' outstanding VISA SERVICE...


“My name is Andrew and HEAVENLY HEARTS first brought Iuliia and I together through one of their magnificent Romance Tours. We fell in love and wanted to be with one another. We had HEAVENLY HEARTS assist us with all our Marriage/Fiancée Visa needs. Anybody knowing anything about the Australian visa process can tell you that it is extremely stringent and highly bureaucratic. It is also a very complicated, difficult and yet mandatory way to bring a lady to Australia from any non-Western based country. It is like a minefield that you are forced to go through. In order to make it through successfully you need to have experience and know what you are doing. Over 85% of applications are rejected because their applications are just not up to scratch. I had a lot at stake having found Iuliia and didn't want to end-up as another failed statistic. The assistance that HH gave us was outstanding! We received our visa first time - and quickly. We couldn't have done it without HEAVENLY HEARTS. We owe them our happiness.”

Iuliia (Kharkov, Ukraine) & Andrew (Sydney, Australia)

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HEAVENLY HEARTS provides Consultation and Visa Application Services. Facilitating Assistance and Guidance on Marriage/Fiancée Visas, Entry Visas and Letters of Invitation is our Specialty!

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Australian Marriage/Fiancée Visas

(for ladies who intend on immigrating to Australia)

In order to allow your bride or fiancée - who is not recognized as a citizen of Australia, to live in Australia on a permanent basis - a visa is mandatory.

The term Marriage Visa is largely generic and embraces many different visa sub-types e.g. Partner Visa & Fiancée visa. Marriage Visas are primarily visas aimed at enabling a lady who is a citizen of another country e.g. Ukraine to live in Australia as either a permanent resident or a citizen.

Any form of Marriage Visa – particularly an Australia Fiancée or Partner Visa - entails a great deal of work in order to first prepare the respective application and then subsequently get it to the stage whereby it can be successfully lodged, processed and approved. It is no easy task and needs to be referred to an experienced and capable specialist such as HEAVENLY HEARTS.


Many spouse Australian visa applicants make the MAJOR mistake of using someone inferior to assist them with their application – and they invariably fail. Failure is not an option at HEAVENLY HEARTS. Being successful in an Australian marriage visa application is not so much a case of knowing what the requirements are; it is more a case of knowing how to handle the requirements and what approach to make in order to make an application successful.

Each Australian Marriage and Fiancée Visa case is unique. As such, it requires individual attention and handling. No application is uniform and it certainly doesn't come off an assembly line. A serious application needs to be crafted by an artisan, not thrown together by a fast food jockey. This is why, at HEAVENLY HEARTS, each and every case is specifically overseen by a talented written professional.

HEAVENLY HEARTS knows how to assist our visa clients with expert professional support and guidance. As well having years of know-how, expertise and ability, one needs to have a deft touch when professionally assisting with an Australian Marriage/Fiancée Visa application. HEAVENLY HEARTS has such a touch due to their seasoned expertise and professional experience.

A major flaw in the competency and ability of our competitors is that most, if not all, of them have very little experience in the overall human process of two people coming together, particularly when they come from different countries and cultures. It is also why a very high percentage of our competitor -assisted visa submissions fail.


Entry Visas

Aside from assistance with a fiancée visa in Australia and Australian Marriage Visas, HEAVENLY HEARTS can help with the acquisition of 'Letters of Invitation' and entry visa applications to countries such as Ukraine.

Once a gentleman has introduced himself to one of our HEAVENLY HEARTS ladies and has communicated with her for a certain length of time (not too long or ladies tend to doubt a man's sincerity), the next important step will be to arrange to meet the lady face-to-face via a personalized HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour. Even if a gentleman hasn't personally introduced himself to a lady or ladies it should NOT be viewed as a problem as he can still undertake to meet said ladies by being introduced to them via a HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour…


HEAVENLY HEARTS personally organized Romance Tours commonly take place in a lady's home country.

By having a gentleman visit ladies, they can see that said gentleman is serious in his intentions. It also offers both a man and a lady an opportunity to get to know each other better, see if they are truly compatible, meet the lady's family and friends and experience the lady's culture and mode of everyday life.

It is usually expected that the gentleman visit the lady and not vice versa. Immigration restrictions can make it extremely difficult for eligible ladies to visit other countries. Also, meeting unknown men in unknown locations globally can be a frightening prospect to most genuine ladies especially in view of the many atrocities committed against lone women in locations all over the world. In addition, most Eastern European ladies are generally not in a position to afford the costs relating to international travel and do not want to freeload of men by having men pay for their travel expenses. Having a man pay their expenses tends to put ladies in an uncomfortable position - as if they are being bought and paid for. In view of the overall circumstances, having the gentleman do the visiting is generally seen as the 'done thing to do' and making a favourable impression always stands a gentleman in extremely good stead with a lady.

As far as Eastern European ladies are concerned, chivalry is not dead, but very much in vogue! Visiting eligible ladies in order to find that Special Someone takes much organization and planning, that is why HEAVENLY HEARTS provides personalized Romance Tour Services and specialized Visa Services and Support.

Nowadays visas are a part and parcel of international travel for most destinations.

In most circumstances, a visa must be obtained before a foreign national can enter a different country. A foreign national is someone who seeks to enter a country and who is not a legally recognized as a citizen of said country.

In most instances, before a foreign national can submit any form of visa application seeking entry into a country that is part of Eastern Europe, they must first acquire an entry visa. HEAVENLY HEARTS can provide this mandatory first stage document as well as provide support in the task of document compilation, submission and visa acquisition.

Experience is what counts and HEAVENLY HEARTS has the knowledge, experience and the wherewithal to assist in the drafting of a visa entry application. It is a service open to established clients, new clients and, of course, all HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour participants.

Please contact HEAVENLY HEARTS for further information and a no obligation discussion on how we can assist you.

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No matter what your visa needs are...HEAVENLY HEARTS can help with our Marriage/Fiancée and Entry Visa Assistance & Support Service!

HEAVENLY HEARTS can help you make the most out of your time and help get you and your chosen lady together as quickly and as easily as possible! Our Marriage/Fiancée Visa Service is second to none!


“My name is Patrick. HEAVENLY HEARTS introduced me to my future wife, Elena via on of their personalized Romance Tours. After first getting together we knew that we had a relationship that was special. HEAVENLY HEARTS organized Letters of Invitation for each of my seven visits to Ukraine. I also utilized HEAVENLY HEARTS' Visa Service to assist with the making of Elena's Australian Fiancée Visa. Due to the excellence of the application, we received the visa in just over 3 weeks. Elena and I are now together in Australia and VERY happy. Thank you HEAVENLY HEARTS! We couldn't have done it without you.”

Patrick (Melbourne, Australia) & Elena (Vinnitsa, Ukraine)

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HEAVENLY HEARTS' International & Australian Marriage/Fiancée Visa Assistance & Support Service is a winner!

Malcolm from HEAVENLY HEARTS, who is himself a professional writer, personally oversees the HEAVENLY HEARTS Visa Service.

When Malcolm first lodged the Marriage Visa documentation for his wife, Luda (who comes from Ukraine) back in 2001/2002, the Australian Embassy in Moscow wanted to keep a copy of the document for permanent display so as (in their words) " show applicants exactly how to write a visa submission."
Malcolm offers consultation services to all HEAVENLY HEARTS clients on visa matters no matter which country they reside in.
HEAVENLY HEARTS specializes in Australian Visa Applications with a 100% success rate!
If you are have found your lady and you want to apply to have her enter your country as either your fiancée or wife, HEAVENLY HEARTS can help...

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Success can be yours…Do it right with HEAVENLY HEARTS!

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