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A HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour is...

A HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour is a personally planned trip that is professionally organized and expertly conducted by the experienced professionals at HEAVENLY HEARTS. Romance Tours are finely crafted and well-planned undertakings that HEAVENLY HEARTS takes very seriously. All elements need to be blueprinted and all possible contingencies catered for so that the client can use all available resources - especially time - to best advantage. HH Romance Tours have a specific purpose i.e. to undertake a trip to the homeland of a number of ladies in order to meet and get to know them personally. HH Romance Tours also have a desired aim and preferred outcome i.e. to find a compatible lady for marriage and a long-term, loving relationship. HEAVENLY HEARTS undertakes their Romance Tours in such a way that a man is assisted in finding his lady love. HEAVENLY HEARTS provides on-going support and consultation so that the client maintains successful and well-directed momentum aimed achieving success with a lady.

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HEAVENLY HEARTS ensures that they...

HEAVENLY HEARTS ensures that they extensively work with clients on each and every Romance Tour. Unlike notorious scammer web sites, HEAVENLY HEARTS never considers visiting a foreign location a matter of just dumping someone into a situation and leaving them to their own devices. Throwing someone in at the "deep end" and shouting "swim" is not the answer and never will be. Help is mandatory - the right kind of help. Teaching someone to swim takes instruction and know-how. The right kind of help comes in the form of knowledge and experience. It's a matter of knowing what to do - and also what not do. When a client undertakes a HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour they are helped to achieve success. Clients that work with us will almost certainly gain the benefit of HEAVENLY HEARTS' years of experience. Success is there to be gained. It's a matter of going about things the right way. The many successful clients that HEAVENLY HEARTS has helped over the years are a testament to the superior methodology and inspired management that HEAVENLY HEARTS utilizes. Please click the below link to see what the clients themselves have to say about HEAVENLY HEARTS' superior service...


HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tours are 100% personalized because...

HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tours are 100% personalized because everyone's wants and needs are different and it is with this thought uppermost in mind that HEAVENLY HEARTS has made its Romance Tours such that they are open to meet the specific wants and needs of men who are planning to pay a visit to a ladies in their homeland or regions thereabouts. Success, especially in terms of finding a lady for marriage, is an individual thing. As such, three or more is definitely a crowd. Group (a.k.a. "wolf pack") tours don't work, except as organized "sexcapades". The ladies on HEAVENLY HEARTS are 100% serous in their intentions to find, meet and marry a decent and eligible man. They do not want to be considered a just another notch on some foreign man's belt. They will take a man more seriously when he comes "solo" rather than with a hoard of cohorts all intent on keeping a 'running score' and 'exchanging notes' on the events of the day (and night).
HEAVENLY HEARTS acts as mediator and support for single male clients on personalized Romance Tours. They provide guidance and act as a secure safety net for all respective Romance Tour clients.

Undertaking a HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour is both an enjoyable and rewarding experience because...

Undertaking a HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour is both an enjoyable and rewarding experience because not only is the travel experience itself terrific and beneficial, but the overall undertaking can be one of the most important steps in either helping a man to find his Special Lady or, having found that Special Someone, showing, by visiting her, that the man's intentions are real, open and honest with regard to a couple's burgeoning relationship.
Ladies from Eastern Europe are amongst the loveliest and best in the world! HEAVENLY HEARTS can provide clients with an opportunity to meet one or more of these lovely ladies face-to-face in their own city and in their own country. Getting to know a lady better, in a more personalized setting, can be advantageous in helping to establish a special rapport with the lady; a rapport that is difficult to establish elsewhere and at a distance. A lady can see by a man's very presence that he is sincere in his intentions and serious about finding the love of his life. Actions speak louder than words and all the corresponding in the world will not replace a personal meeting. This is why meeting and getting to know the other person is central to building a successful long-term loving relationship with that 'Special Someone'.

HEAVENLY HEARTS is here to help our clients, so whatever your interests and needs may be; HEAVENLY HEARTS can liaise with you and organize your Romance Tour so that it meets your specific requirements and preferences.

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A HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour will meet your personal needs because...

A HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour will meet your personal needs because all HH Romance Tours are completely personalized, individualized and designed with the specific Romance Tour client in mind. Whether you have your Tour aims and objectives decided upon, either in part or whole, or whether you are new to HEAVENLY HEARTS and are unsure as to what to do and how to proceed, HEAVENLY HEARTS can make your task simple and straightforward, and also help you to achieve success in finding a lady love. A HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Marriage Tour will generally meet anyone's personal needs. This is because we have a wide array of Service Options and also the ability to cater for more specialized requests.

HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour Service Structure

The HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour Service Structure encompasses the main basic Support Services that male clients will need in relation to visiting a country in Eastern Europe e.g. Ukraine for a designated period. These basic services include:

  • Contacting Ladies
  • Visa Preparation (where applicable)
  • Airport Transfers
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Guide Translator Assistance
  • Meetings with Ladies
  • Social Venues
  • On-going Consultancy
  • Miscellaneous

For further information of these services or take discuss the prospect of undertaking a HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour, please contact HEAVENLY HEARTS today by email, phone or Skype.

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Types of Romance Tours

There is no standardized Romance Tour format due to the fact that all HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tours are professionally crafted to suit the wants and needs of an individual client. Therefore each and every new Romance Tour will be completely different to the one that came before it. What is uniform is the extensive HEAVENLY HEARTS Support Service structure which all Romance Tours draw from and utilize according to their personal needs and RT aims and objectives.

Romance Tour Tips & Decision-Making

There are many ways to approach the Romance Tour process and RT clients will come to the undertaking in a multitude of varying ways.

Prior Contact with Ladies

Some men will have already been established upgraded Members of HEAVENLY HEARTS (e.g. a 4-Star Member) prior to deciding to undertake a Romance Tour and will already have established contact with eligible ladies via HEAVENLY HEARTS web site Service Structure e.g. via HEAVENLY HEARTS' Email Forwarding Service or Translation Service. In fact they may have been in communication with a cross-section of HH ladies for a certain length of time and now want to meet them in person. By saying 'a certain length of time', what this means is 'not for too long'. Ladies are no longer prepared to wait indefinitely for a man to consolidate his interest in her. If a man is not prepared to visit a lady/ladies within a certain length of time, she or they will respectively start to question his motives and sincerity, and lose interest rapidly if those motives don't meet with appropriate action. No-one likes to be strung along by anyone for any reason. Being fair to someone, particularly ladies from foreign countries, is the only way for a decent and responsible man to conduct himself. Ladies expect to be treated with the same respect and consideration that men surely do.

A personal meeting is crucial to any developing relationship...

A personal meeting is crucial to any developing relationship between people from two differing countries. Even though a lady and a gentleman have been introduced, communicated with one another and are attracted to each other, it is mandatory that they meet in person in order to know whether the attraction can exist on a physical and interpersonal level, as well as a written and spoken one. In such a circumstance it is important that a relationship not be allowed to go for too long before meeting one another in person. If both the lady and the gentleman find that they have a lot in common and have communicated with each for several months (be it by either verbal or written media), then there is a very good chance that their personal meeting will be successful and it will help pave the way for a continued and far more personal and intimate relationship.
However, on the opposite side of the coin, two people can have been introduced to one another, corresponded for months, yet when they meet for the first time find that the certain 'spark' needed for a successful partnership is missing. It is certainly nobody's fault and can happen even to the most seemingly compatible couples. Don't be discouraged. It is better to have found out early in the relationship than much further down the track. A relationship is very costly in terms of time, money and emotional input. If a long-term relationship is not on the cards then it is best to part amicably, sooner rather than later, always making sure to take into account the other person's feelings.

Personally meeting a number of ladies on a HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour is both sensible and essential!

We, at HEAVENLY HEARTS, always recommend increasing a client's chances of success by meeting with more than just one or two ladies on a Romance Tour. If a man's lady 'favourite' does not turn out to be compatible with him when they physically meet one another for the first, this doesn't necessarily spell permanent disaster. By arranging to meet more than just one lady, a gentleman has the situation covered and affords himself the invaluable opportunity of being able to identify the lady (out of a wider selection of ladies) with whom he is most compatible.

It doesn't matter how many ladies a gentleman has contacted and communicated with prior to his Romance Tour - the more the better. It is essential that a gentleman not restrict himself to meeting just a handful of ladies. The more ladies he meets, the greater are his chances of finding his Special Someone. By meeting numerous ladies - and this can be up to 20 initially - a gentleman has the opportunity of comparing and contrasting ladies, therefore affording himself the opportunity to better identify the lady who is the best possible match for him.

Strategic planning is essential with any HEAVENLY HEARTS professionally planned Romance Tour!

Through their Romance Tour Service, HEAVENLY HEARTS has helped many gentlemen find their Special Someone...


Meeting Ladies without Prior Contact

Many men choose to undertake a personalized HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour without having had much pre-Tour communication with eligible ladies. THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM. Many gents just do not have the available time to undertake lengthy communication with eligible ladies. A large contingent of ladies feel the same as work commitment and the daily grind, on top of the fact they may have limited or no direct Internet access, make communicating with interested men on a regular basis very difficult. Realizing that meeting ladies is essential and the crux of the whole process, a gentleman will subsequently commission HEAVENLY HEARTS to, on his behalf, liaise with those ladies he is interested in and organize a meeting with them on his forthcoming HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour. Prior to meetings, ladies are made fully aware of just who the man is she will be meeting. Detailed information about him (provided by the man himself) including what he looks like is given to target ladies. Once they have met and if personal attraction or that special 'spark' is there between them, they can then choose to get-to-know one another after the initial meeting.

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Ladies Recommended by HEAVENLY HEARTS

Throughout the 'Homework Phase' of the HH Romance Tour preparation, HEAVENLY HEARTS will professionally recommend eligible ladies to the client (based upon his nominated interest criteria) in addition to those ladies the client has selected himself from perusing the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site Lady Galleries. What remains constant throughout the process is the need to meet a wide cross-section of ladies in order to determine which lady is the best possible candidate for the client undertaking the HH Romance Tour.

A man's lady love may be the first lady he meets on a HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour or the fifteenth.There is no telling. Sometimes it takes many meetings to identify the most compatible lady.

Miscellaneous Requirements

HEAVENLY HEARTS is always happy to take into account those special requirements a client would like to include in a proposed Romance Tour. HEAVENLY HEARTS works closely together with all our clients to ensure that the client not only has a thoroughly enjoyable experience, but achieves success through finding his special lady.

HEAVENLY HEARTS is here to help and support!

HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Marriage Tours have a long history of success. Clients come to HEAVENLY HEARTS and undertake Romance Tours so as to find their Special Someone. Our Client Testimonies reflect the level of success we have had - and continue to have - in bringing eligible ladies and gentlemen together for marriage and a relationship that will go the distance.


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Further information...

If you would like to discuss the possibility of undertaking a HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour with us, please feel free to contact us via telephone, Skype or email.

HEAVENLY HEARTS can help you to find your lady love through a personalized Romance Tour catered to suit your specific wants and needs...

Please CONTACT US today. We're here to help!