Russian Bride Services


Every day HEAVENLY HEARTS receives hundreds of requests from new male clients regarding our many personalized Russian bride services. Many of these men feel frustrated and disillusioned, not only with other untrustworthy and ‘promise all’ companies that have taken their money but haven’t given them service; but also the whole process in general. It is because of these overabundant shyster web sites that a great many men come to us in the hopes that we will help them find their ‘Special Someone’ – and we do!

They have been disappointed by other Russian bride services that offer next-to-no support and put them in touch with ladies who are perhaps not all that they appear to be. We have heard many true horror stories of men who have been well and truly taken to the cleaners by sites that look good at first, but later on turn out to be money-eating monsters. In the end these men are left with a bad taste in their mouth and a feeling that finding true love is just not going to happen. Well, with HEAVENLY HEARTS we deliver what we promise. We have helped many men find love and happiness with decent, honest and loving ladies from Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

We stand by our reputation for honest, reliable service. We get things done and do right by both our male and female clients. We offer tailor-made personal Russian bride services to suit the wants and needs of every man. With our special Look-See Services we will help you to find the lady you are looking for. If you want it done and done right, then go to the industry professional who knows what they are doing – HEAVENLY HEARTS. HEAVENLY HEARTS is a fully experienced company offering first class service. We’d love to here from you so please contact us today.