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Our professional marriage agency can arrange a Romance Tour to picturesque Stavropol. The city/location is the perfect place for meeting and dating the lady of your choosing. A woman from Stavropol can make a wonderful bride and wife. Stavropol brides are amongst the most loyal, loving and devoted ladies a man can possibly meet and marry. As place of beauty, romance and elegance, Stavropol can give you that once in a lifetime opportunity to meet your 'Special Someone'. 

Stavropol (Russia)

Romance Tours in Stavropol Russia

Stavropol is beautifully situated among hills and valleys of Stavropol Region Plato. The highest points measure from 750 to 2150 feet above the sea level. The city takes 75 square miles of beautiful landscape.

Romance Tours in Stavropol Russia

One of the city streets is named "45th parallel", which precisely reflects its geographical position. Thus, Stavropol is situated exactly half way between the North Pole and the Equator.

Romance Tours in Stavropol Russia

The city's geographical position is also peculiar because of the fact that, founded on the highest point of the North Caucuses Mountains, it stands at the origin of the streams, creeks, and rivers that supply both Black and Caspian Seas with pure mountain water. That central location, from the very start gave Stavropol an important political and economical role, which has been summarized in the city slogan: "Stavropol is the gate to the Caucuses".

The city was founded on October 22, 1777, as one of the fortresses of the Asov-Mosdok defense line.

In 1785 it has acquired the status of the city.

In Greek, "Stavropol" means "The City of The Cross". The legend says that when the soldiers of the Vladimir Division started the construction of the fortress in 1777, they had discovered a big stone cross under the ground. The famous Russian historian, Mr. G. N. Prozritelev attributed this to his theory, which holds that the Cross belonged to the first Christians, who had found there an asylum from their enemies.

Romance Tours in Stavropol Russia

He thought that the discovery of the Cross led to the city's name. Time proved this name to be historically justified. Not just because it reflected the fact of the discovery of the Cross, but also because later Stavropol played a major role in spreading the Christianity throughout the North Caucuses.

According to the city officials, about 350,000 people live in Stavropol today.

The city is one of the Russia's leaders in street flower decorations


Hotel "Intourist" or Private apartment


4 story stone building was constructed in 1959. Remodeled in the 1990. The hotel is situated in the historical downtown Stavropol. Train station is 5 minute drive from the hotel. The distance between the hotel and the airport is 15 miles. Hotel is right next to all kinds of the city public transportation.


Additional Romance Trips


Romance trips away are also available for two people in and around Dombai, Arhiz, Teberda mountains. Three days. Residence in four star hotel. Two meals included. $170.00 per day. 3 day minimum. For a complete list of destinations please contact us.


Honey waterfalls



A trip to the Honey waterfalls one of the luxuriant places in the vicinity of Kislovodsk. You will see rich Alpine meadows on you way. A unique cascade of waterfalls in the basin of the river Alikonovka will be the most attractive part of your trip. The most effective is Zhemchuzhniy waterfall, in transparent streams of which you may bath and take a suntan in incredibly beautiful gorge.


Recreation all the year round ! Elbrus region is situated in Baksan gorge at the foot of the highest peak of the Caucasus mountain Elbrus (5642m.) This is a place for rest to any taste: summer tourism with trips and strolls to narzan mineral water springs, ascends for the trained tourists. Elbrus area - there are mountain-skiing tracks on the slopes of Elbrus and Cheget. Hotels "Itkol", "Volfram', "Sokol", "Cheget", rent of sport equipment, sport grounds, sauna, bars, restaurants, discotheques are at the service of tourists.For the beginners - skiing on track of different categories under the guidance of the trained instructors.


There is a Terskiy Stud-farm



Terskiy stud-farm is the only farm in Russia breeding thoroughbred Arabain horses. It is situated at the foot of main mountains Zheleznaya, Beshtau and Zmeika. A excursion program includes show of horses which does not leave anyone indifferent.




Meet Russian Women in Stavropol Russia

Dombai is a perfect area for recreation all the year round! It is beautifully located at the foothills of the Great Caucasian Range. Dombai offers different opportunities for recreation: walking tours and strolls to the mineral springs, ascends for the trained tourists during summer holidays.

Meet Russian Women in Stavropol Russia

There are Alpine mountain-skiing tracks and hoops, chair-lifts and rent of sport equipment are at the service of holidaymakers. There are hotels "Snezhinka", "Dombai", "Gorniye Vershiny" with a swimming pool, sauna, a fire hall, restaurants, discotheques.

Meet Russian Women in Stavropol Russia

The patriarch Antiokhiskiy and the whole Middle East, Ignatiy IV said: "I've traveled a lot all over the world. There is a charm in every country, but the beauty which struck me in the North Caucasus, left behind all what I've seen. I'm very moved by concern of the state about its citizens' health and will pray for the fact that the staying in this city will heal all the patients. cable car "Elbrus" and a chair-lift "Cheget".

Meet Russian Women in Stavropol Russia

The beginners may ski on tracks of different categories under the guidance of skilled instructors. There is a cable - car and chair lifts

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Marriage Tours in Stavropol Russia Romance Journey to Stavropol Russia Meet Russian Women in Stavropol Russia
Marriage Tours in Stavropol Russia Romance Destination in Stavropol Russia
Meet Russian Women in Stavropol Russia


Romance Tours Stavropol Russia

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