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Mariupol (Ukraine)

Romance Tours, Marriage Tours in Mariupol Ukraine

Mariupol is a splendid city in the very east of Ukraine, almost on the border with Russia. It's situated on the coast of the Azov sea, at the mouth of Kalmius river, 116 km from Donetsk. It's the eleventh biggest city in the country with about 500 000 inhabitants. Total area 244

The climate of Mariupol region is moderate continental. The usual temperature in summer is +21,8 - 23,1 °C, in winter - 5-6°C.

Settlement as the Kalmius fortress was founded by Zaporozh Kozaks in the beginning of XVI century at the mouth of Kalmius river.

Romance Tours in Mariupol Ukraine

Greeks founded Mariupol in 1778 according to a Decree by Empress Catherine-II and was first called Pavlovsk. They also founded 23 villages in the immediate vicinity of the city. The founders of Mariupol originally came from the Crimean Peninsula (situated between the Azov and Black seas), that had originally been colonised by Greek settlers over 2000 years ago. Two years later, a significant number of the inhabitants of the Crimean peninsular, mainly Greeks, who were good traders and seafarers, moved to this region. In the 1840s, many Russians and Ukrainians, who were attracted by the geographical position of the town, fertility of the soils near the Azov Sea, close vicinity of natural resources, and the proximity of major industrial and commercial centres, resettled here. At the end of the nineteenth century, Mariupol became the biggest industrial centre of the south of Russia and an important transport junction.

Romance Tours in Mariupol Ukraine

During World War II it was occupied by German forces from 1941 to 1943 and suffered heavy damage.

It was called Zhdanov from 1948 to 1992 in honor of Andrey Zhdanov, a Communist official.

Mariupol today is one of Ukraine's busiest seaports and the capital of metallurgical production in the Ukraine.

Romance Tours in Mariupol Ukraine

Nearest seaport
The Commercial Port of Mariupol is one of the oldest ports of Ukraine, was opened in 1889. Today the Port of Mariupol is reckoned among three largest ports of Ukraine. It is the largest Port by its capacity and development in the Azov Sea. The most advantageous position of the Port in the Azov Sea is defined by the fact that it is on the crossing of transport ways con-necting Europe and Asia. It is situated in the centre of the largest industrial region of Ukraine and it is called by right 'Sea gates of Donbass'. The Port is connected by railway and motorway, air and river communications with all countries of CIS and foreign countries.

Romance Tours in Mariupol Ukraine

Nearest airport
Mariupol International Airport (7 km from the center of the city ) is one of the most perspective Ukrainian airlines.

Mariupol is a part of "Donetsk-Moscow" rail road and offers direct train routes to the largest Ukrainian cities such as Kiev, Donetsk, Lugansk, Odessa as well as to the Russian cities - Moscow and Rostov.

All the largest enterprises have on-site railway connection with a direct access to Mariupol sea port and Donetsk.

Romance Tours in Mariupol Ukraine

The main road "Mariupol-Donetsk" provides direct access to the capital of Donetsk region - Donetsk city and convenient access to other places in Donetsk Region. The road "Odessa-Rostov" provides a convenient access to the Odessa Region of Ukraine as well as Rostov-on-Don Region of Russia.

Mariupol and surrounding areas have an extensive network of high quality petrol and service stations available.

Romance Marriage Tours in Mariupol Ukraine

To serve population and industry, Mariupol has local branches of leading Ukrainian banks such as Sberbank, Aval Bank, Prominvesbank, Privatbank, First Ukrainian International Bank.

Mariupol has a number of Ukraine's famous higher education institutes:

  • Priazovsky State Technical University
  • Mariupol Institute of Humanitarian Sciences
  • Mariupol Branch of Berdiansk Training Institute
  • Odessa Branch of Odessa Academy of Sea Fleet
Odessa Branch of Odessa Academy of Sea Fleet
Romance Marriage Tours in Mariupol Ukraine

Mariupol also has a large variety of technical colleges - industrial, mechanical-metallurgical, construction, electrical-mechanical and commerce and eleven vocational schools.

Research and Scientific potential
Mariupol has nine scientific-research and design-construction organizations. Among them is the famous Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Glass that develops and improves production technology of different types of glass.

Romance Marriage Tours in Mariupol Ukraine

Mariupol is a cultural center. There are many places for entertainment and the energetic rhythm of the city's life will definitely not leave you any time to be bored. Mariupol is known not only for its historical places, museums and monuments but also because of theatere, several dancing ensembles and choirs. Drama theater is situated in the center of Mariupol. Theater visitors can enjoy dramas, comedies, musicals performed by local actor company.

The charm of the city lies in its old buildings and shadowy alleys.

Romance Marriage Tours in Mariupol Ukraine

The wonderful golden sand beaches of the Azov Sea, warm healing water, silt therapeutic muds, beautiful warm weather and bright sun, the smell of steppe grasses intermixing with the breezes filled with the ions of the sea salts, spectacular sunsets and sunrises, give health and offer a wonderful opportunity to get away from the stressful noisiness of the city life and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the seaside.

The middle coastline of the modern Azov sea is indented by gulfs and lagoons, the territory of which is a resort or reserved territory. Last years Azov sea has a real boom of the sea tourism.

One can have an enjoyable rest at one of the resort zones of the Azov sea, such as: Melekino, Yuriyevka, Novaya Yalta, Belosorayskaya Kosa, Kriva Kosa (p. Sedovo), Urzuf.

Romance Marriage Tours in Mariupol Ukraine Romance Marriage Tours in Mariupol Ukraine
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