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Donetsk (Ukraine)

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour in Donetsk Ukraine

The settlement of Donetsk appeared in summer 1869

In May 1917, when there lived about 70.000 people, Donetsk became a city.

Firstly, Donetsk was called Yuzovka. In 1924 it was given a new name - Stalino. By that time its population was already 63.708 people, and in 1925 it became 80.085 people. The place is especially suited for couple looking for a romance tour, marriage tour, dating tour, personal marriage tour, romantic tour in Donetsk.

Romance Marriage Tours in Donetsk Ukraine

In July 1932 the city became the centre of Donetsk region. In 1941 there were 223 enterprises of national and republican standing, 54 of them were local and co-operative enterprises. In 1961 the city was given a new name - Donetsk.

Romance Tours, Dating Tour in Donetsk Ukraine Now Donetsk is an administrative centre of Donetsk region.
Marriage and Dating, Romance Tours in Donetsk Ukraine

Climate there is temperate-continental.

The total area of the city is 385 km.

Its extension from the north to the south is - 28 km, and from the east to the west - 55 km.

Its population is 1 059 800 people.

There are 21 squares in the city.

The city has 2200 streets and avenues.

Marriage and Dating, Donetsk Ukraine

There are two water reservoirs - Kalmiuskoe (60 hectares) and the Donetsk Sea (206 hectares).

There are also 5 rivers: Kalmius, Asmolovka (13 km), Cherepashkina (23 km), Skomoroshka and Bakhmutka.

Dating, Donetsk Ukraine

Nowadays Donetsk is a dynamically developing big city with high industrial and scientific potential. It has a highly developed infrastructure and production basis. There are 200 industrial enterprises with production volume more than 5 million Grivnas and more than 20.000 small and average enterprises.

When Ukraine became an independent country, a lot of new religious constructions were built over there. Those constructions have become picturesque and fascinating sights of the city.

Dating and Marriage, Romance Tours in Donetsk Ukraine

Donetsk is one of the centers of arts and culture of Ukraine. There are 3 theatres, circus, Philharmonic Society, planetarium, 140 museums and museum rooms, 12 cinemas, 405 libraries.

There are 254 cultural monuments in Donetsk. Among them: monuments to Sergey Bubka, world and Olympic Games champion; John Yuse, the founder of the city of Donetsk; Vasyl Stus, a famous Ukrainian poet, Anatoliy Solovyalenko, a well known Ukrainian singer, etc.

A lot of prestigious competitions and festivals take place in Donetsk. Among them: "Stars of the World Ballet", "Golden Scythian", Sergey Prokofyev young pianists contest, "Golden Voices of Ukraine", "Young Wave" etc.

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Banks are one of the most important structures of the market economics. Bank activities essentially improve effectiveness of social production and contribute to increase in labour efficiency. Bank structure in Donetsk is represented by two levels: the department of National Bank of Ukraine and more than 20 commercial banks and their subsidiaries.

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The city transport is constantly developing. Soon it will be possible to get to the most distant districts of the city by the underground which is being built at the moment.

As we have already mentioned, the city of Donetsk was founded in summer 1869, when building of a metallurgical works was started over there.

In 1869 the Government established Novorossiysk Society headed by John Yuse, an Englishman, which started building a metallurgical works and coal production. So the settlement near the plant was called Yuzovka.


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