Steps To Success

HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Steps to Success

Step 1: Become a HEAVENLY HEARTS Member

By joining HEAVENLY HEARTS as a Registered Member you are immediately able to begin your search by using your 1-Star Membership Status to access our web site services and ladies galleries.

In order to become a Member with HEAVENLY HEARTS, click on the 'Join Now' below link. Joining HEAVENLY HEARTS is FREE!


HEAVENLY HEARTS’ 1-Star (Basic) Members can elect to Upgrade their Membership at any time in order to take advantage of the many HEAVENLY HEARTS Support Services only available to Upgraded Members. Please go to the below links in order to acquire more information on our extensive range of Support Services and associated Membership Plans that can help in making your search more successful.

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Step 2: Begin Your Search

In order to effectively start looking for that 'Special Someone' you will first need to have upgraded your HEAVENLY HEARTS Level of Membership. If you haven’t already upgraded your Membership to 2, 3, 4 Star Level or a New Release Ladies Subscription, you can do it now via the above 'Upgrade My Membership' link.

Depending upon the level of Membership you have upgraded to, you will be able to access the following:

Access to the Personal Contact Details of ladies
On-going Consultation
Matchmaking Service
Introductory Letter Service
Email Forwarding Service
Letter Translation Service
Profile Posting
and much more…

Once you have upgraded your HEAVENLY HEARTS Membership you will next need to decide upon:

1. The type of lady you are interested in meeting and forming a relationship with (these lady attributes can be categorized via using an Interest Criteria List), and

2. How you want to go about finding her

Most men have a good idea of the kind of lady that appeals to them, but are not quite sure of how to go about finding her. HEAVENLY HEARTS offers a comprehensive range of Support Services, all of which are aimed at assisting our customers and clients in their personal search for a lady.

Ways of Searching for a Lady...

The VERY BEST way to achieve success is by undertaking a personalized HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour.

A HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour is specially crafted and structured with each individual client in mind. The success of our HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tours is reflected in the numerous accolades we have received from past clients in our Success Stories section. You too can achieve this same level of success. We can help! Please contact us for further assistance and information on undertaking a personalized HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour.

Use your Upgraded Membership Service Structure to identify ladies that meet your personal Interest Criteria. These services include:

Matchmaking Service (4-Star Membership)

Keepsakes List (all levels of Upgraded Membership)

Introductory Letter Service (2, 3 & 4-Star Membership)

Email Forwarding Service (2, 3 & 4-Star Membership)

Letter Translation Service (4-Star Membership)

Classic Search (Use our HEAVENLY HEARTS SEARCH function to locate the type of lady on our web site that interests you)

In order to commence your search, click any one of our Membership, Romance Tour or Support Service option links above.


Step 3: Get to know a Lady

Once you have located ladies on the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site that you think may prove to be a compatible match with you, it is time to think about what to do next.

REMEMBER: it is all very romantic to think that relationships come from 'love at first sight' kind of scenarios. It's also great to believe that one particular lady you have seen and read about is instantly THE lady for you. The basic truth is that this kind of magic occurrence rarely happens. It is most often a case of getting to know several ladies and then finding out which one is the right one for you. This may be 1 or 50. There is no hard and fast rule. Please DO NOT fall into the trap of limiting your chances by approaching just one lady. By approaching several - and this can conceivably be any number - you give yourself the opportunity to find out if the Lady of your Dreams is, in fact, the lady you first have an attraction towards.

There are several ways in which to first approach ladies

1. Go and meet her personally (via a personally organized HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour)

2. Contact her by telephone (via one of HEAVENLY HEARTS professionally translated 3-way telephone calls)

3.  Write to her via one of HEAVENLY HEARTS’ letter writing services and introduce yourself (but do not plan to write to her for too long or you may beviewed as insincere in your intentions)

1. Meeting a lady via a personalized HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour

Nothing beats meeting someone face to face as a means of getting to know them better and on a more personal level. Deciding to visit a lady as opposed to corresponding for a lengthy period does have the significant advantage of saving time money and effort by being able to determine straight away whether there is compatibility and the potential for a long-term relationship. Please refer to our Roamnce Tours and Success Stories pages for further information on what a Romance Tour is all about and be introduced to the many successful clients who have found their true love this way.

Speaking with a lady over the telephone can bring you that much closer to her. Certainly closer than a letter can. HEAVENLY HEARTS offers Telephone Support Services as well as Translation Services for those customers and clients that want to take their budding relationship a step closer. Many successful relationships have started with a HEAVENLY HEARTS mediated translated telephone call.

3. Written Correspondence

HEAVENLY HEARTS Members can write to any lady on our web site via any of the Upgraded Membership packages. Please use the below two links to access more information on Membership and Upgrading Membership

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Many ladies on our web site have had the experience of a man writing to them with interest and wanting to get to know them better. Most ladies have also had the experience of insincere correspondence. It is true that ladies don't mind a genuine man writing to them. BUT, ladies aren't generally prepared to wait endlessly for a face-to-face meeting. Having two people meet will either make or break a relationship. The sooner two people meet, the sooner they can get together or part company and respectively continue their search for Mister or Miss Right. It’s okay to introduce yourself to a lady, but you need to be prepared to visit the lady and not ‘sometime later on’. Ladies will lose interest in men who are all shadow and no substance. Ladies don’t want a pen pal – they want a husband.

HEAVENLY HEARTS Support Services

HEAVENLY HEARTS offers many Support Services that can assist Members. Getting sound, professional help and advice can be the turning point in ensuring that a man's search ends successfully. Generally, you get one chance with a lady and you've got to make that one chance count. 'Matchmaking' is our business. Please don't think that there aren’t any pitfalls in the quest to find a lady - there are and many. We can help you avoid these pitfalls. We have great personal and professional experience in the field of introductions and assisting people to find someone with whom they can build a long-term relationship.



Ladies from foreign countries are no different from ladies everywhere in that they love receiving tokens of affection. No-one necessarily expects a gift, but they are always great to receive and to give. Many of our customers and clients have used our HEAVENLY HEARTS Gift Service to send tokens of their affection to the lady who has captured their interest and attention. We have a wide array of flowers and gifts that can be sent to ladies through our service.

To acquire more information on sending ladies a token of your affection, please use the below link

HEAVENLY HEARTS Flower & Gift Service



Getting to know a lady or ladies via telephone conversations and written correspondence only ever leads to one inevitable action – meeting face-to-face.

Meeting a lady personally is the only sure way to confirm whether the ‘spark’ that is there in letters and from spoken conversations is also there when a man and woman meet in person. It is the spark that makes a relationship a happy union. HEAVENLY HEARTS has made it possible for customers and clients to meet ladies via our Personalized Romance Tours. Generally, a man will be the one to visit a lady in her homeland, not vice versa. The reasons for this are that ladies generally feel uncomfortable and insecure in a foreign country with a man they may not know well enough. Also, immigration restrictions make obtaining visas for ladies extremely difficult. Visiting a lady in her homeland can be a terrific experience. Our personalized service enables you to organize your trip the way you want it. HEAVENLY HEARTS takes the worry out of visiting your lady in her homeland. We can provide the services you require to make your stay one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of your life. Please click on the below link to take a look at our information on HEAVENLY HEARTS Personalized Romance Tours.

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Please refer to our HEAVENLY HEARTS Success Stories section to see pictorial and video testimonies of couples we have helped meet and build solid personal relationships. We can help you to achieve the same level of success! Contact us today. We are always happy to assist our Members with the highest degree of professional expertise.




Once a couple has made a firm commitment to one another, the next step is to ensure that the relationship has a firm future and a place to call home. It is quite common for a couple to live in a man’s homeland. Bringing a lady to a man’s country of residence can be quite a daunting task. It is definitely not a matter of just getting onto and off an aeroplane. Matters of Immigration are matters of legality and bureaucracy, and need to be handled by those with experience and know-how. Knowing what to do – and what not to do – in these matters can make the difference between ultimate success or abject failure. Success can only be achieved through having the right methodology, knowledge and mode of approach. HEAVENLY HEARTS has a wealth of experience in immigration matters. HEAVENLY HEARTS has helped and advised many client couples. Our rate of success in all our client immigration matters is 100%. Failure is NEVER an option with HEAVENLY HEARTS. We accept nothing short of SUCCESS!

We can help and advise you. Please contact us!