Phone Contact

HEAVENLY HEARTS 3-Way Telephone Translation Service

The very best way to fast track communication with a lady, aside from undertaking a personalized HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour to meet her face-to-face, is to arrange to speak with her verbally via a HEAVENLY HEARTS 3-Way Translated Telephone Conversation.

1 Phone Call = 100 Letters (at least)

By contacting a lady directly and conversing with her verbally, a lady can realize immediately that a man is sincere in his interest and intentions towards her. Telephone contact can make immense strides in a relationship that written correspondence cannot possibly hope to achieve. By hearing a particular man's voice and having his words translated then and there, a lady's heart can be well and truly opened-up towards the gentleman caller in such a way that a unique bond in formed. The lady is shown that the man who is interested in her is above all else real and not an Internet joker wasting her time or playing games with her emotions.

As it is always best to have professional mediation in these sorts of situations, HEAVENLY HEARTS utilizes the skills of its special translators. Our translators have experience in not only conveying a male caller's words in the language of the lady and vice versa, but also relating to both people in a personal and professional way. The experience is made to be inviting and easy-going. Enjoying oneself whilst at the same time getting to know the other person is that which we strive to achieve.

Q. What is a HEAVENLY HEARTS 3-way Translated Telephone Conversation?

A HEAVENLY HEARTS 3-Way Translated Telephone Conversation is a 3-way telephone hook-up between a male client, a lady client and an experienced HEAVENLY HEARTS translator/mediator.

Q. How long does a 3-WTT Conversation usually last for?

A. That depends upon the caller; however, most 3-Way Translated Telephone Conversations tend to last anywhere between 30 minutes and 60 minutes on average.

Q. How much does a 3-WTT Conversation Call cost to make?

A. The cost of a 3-Way Translated Telephone Conversation depends upon the time the male caller would like to speak with the lady for. Please contact HEAVENLY HEARTS to discuss arranging for a 3-WTT Conversation Call and the associated cost.


Q. How does a 3-way Translated Telephone Conversation work?

A. Once a male client has made the decision to contact a lady; he is required to contact HEAVENLY HEARTS AUSTRALIA so that the necessary arrangements to contact her can be made.


- The designated lady is contacted to make sure that she is able to participate in/is interested in participating in the planned call

- Payment for a planned 3-WTT Conversation is required prior to a call taking place

- Once full payment is made, the lady is contacted again and a set date and time is proposed. HEAVENLY HEARTS liaises with both participants to ensure that both are aware of and agreeable to the planned time of the call

- HEAVENLY HEARTS confirms the telephone numbers of the participants

- Participants are contacted by HEAVENLY HEARTS at the arranged call time and the 3-Way Translated Telephone Call begins.

- Regardless of how well a call is developing, HEAVENLY HEARTS is obliged to professionally notify the participants that the call will need to come to an end when it approaches the end of the agreed call time. Participants are more than welcome to arrange for another 3-Way Translated Telephone Call on a separate occasion.

How can I make a 3-Way Translated Telephone Conversation Call to a HEAVENLY HEARTS lady?

To arrange for a HEAVENLY HEARTS 3-Way Translated Telephone Conversation Call, please use the below link to go to HEAVENLY HEARTS' Contact Page and utilize the available contact options to get in touch with HEAVENLY HEARTS Customer Service and discuss matter further.