HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Matchmaking Service

HEAVENLY HEARTS is pleased to afford our valued clients the opportunity to undertake the services and support of our HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL ‘MATCHMAKING SERVICE’. In order to take advantage of this invaluable service, a client will need to be Registered and an Upgraded 4-Star Member of HEAVENLY HEARTS.

As an upgraded 4-Star Member of HEAVENLY HEARTS you can be widely introduced to thousands of ladies of your choosing via our comprehensive MATCHMAKING SERVICE!

In order to become an Upgraded Member, please click on the below link:

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Matchmaking Service Requirements

As a registered and Upgraded 4-Star Member of HEAVENLY HEARTS, a client has the option of using HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Matchmaking Service to assist in identifying ladies with whom they may be compatible. To do this, our client needs to do is complete the HEAVENLY HEARTS Interest Criteria Pro Forma and send it to us (refer below) accompanied with self-photographs and a generic Introductory Letter to a lady or ladies.

Matchmaking Service Procedure

  • Client Registers & Upgrades his Membership to 4-Star Status
  • Client completes the Interest Criteria Pro Forma & sends it to HEAVENLY HEARTS via [Send] button
  • Client composes an Interest Introductory Letter & sends it to HEAVENLY HEARTS (to be forwarded to recommended ladies)
  • Client forwards several good quality photographs of himself to HEAVENLY HEARTS (photographs are, in turn, forwarded to recommended target ladies)
  • Interest Criteria Pro Forma data is collated and cross-referenced with the details of ladies. Based upon the overall results, recommendations are made to the client and the profiles of recommended ladies are placed in the male client’s Keepsakes List Depository.

Introductory Letter to a Lady

This letter should be written and addressed to a lady in general terms as it is likely that it will be sent to a large number of ladies. The letter should talk about the male client in a pleasant and ‘introductory’ manner. The number of ladies it will be subsequently sent to will depend upon the Interest Criteria Pro Forma results. Ladies from HEAVENLY HEARTS’ database that match a client’s personal Interest Criteria are considered the best ladies to target via direct written and verbal contact.

Once a client has both their Introductory Letter (3,000 character maximum) and Interest Criteria information composed, they then need to enclose it in an email message and send it to us at via the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site Contact Page


Lady Interest Criteria Pro Forma

In addition to providing an Introductory Letter, a client will also need to provide information in relation to the criteria headings listed in the Lady Interest Criteria Pro Forma. This criterion briefly summarizes a client’s interests and wants in terms of what kind of lady they are looking for.

Clients need to supply detailed information on the type of lady that they would like to become acquainted with. The details should describe the features of the lady they ideally would like to meet.

Recommendation: a male client should try not to be too restrictive in his wants. Remember, a male client is essentially seeking a lovely lady who will ultimately be his wife, love and lifelong companion. She is a real woman, not a façade or Hollywood fantasy creation. Narrowing one’s selection criteria to accommodate fantasy images will reduce the likelihood of finding someone real and someone with whom the man could be very happy. In other words, by being sensible and realistic in the choices a male client makes, he is more likely to find that Special Someone.

If you are already an Upgraded 4-Star Member of HEAVENLY HEARTS, you are invited to complete the Interest Criteria Response Pro Forma. Once completed, please click the [Review] button to revise your data and make any necessary alterations prior to submission.

Please Note: the HH MATCHMAKING SERVICE is only available to Upgraded 4-Star Member of HEAVENLY HEARTS.