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Most men are looking for that Special Someone… the love of their life...... the woman of their dreams... However, finding lifelong happiness and true love is never an easy task. That’s why HEAVENLY HEARTS provides such an invaluable and successful service…

HEAVENLY HEARTS can help you to find that 'special lady-love' to share your life with. Our wide range of Support Services and professional expertise can assist in helping you to find success. HEAVENLY HEARTS can make your search more trouble-free and much easier.

Here's one way...

HEAVENLY HEARTS' Letter Translation Service

With the HEAVENLY HEARTS Letter Translating Service you can give your lady the opportunity to write and receive letters that are expertly interpreted by a professional linguist and highly experienced translator.

In any developing relationship, ACCURATE COMMUNICATION is a key issue and can often make or break a budding romance, regardless of how well two people appear to be getting on with each another. At times, one misinterpreted or misunderstood word or phrase can tender a whole different meaning to what is intended. Disaster can often ensue and a relationship falters...

The only real way to be certain that your message is being accurately and fully understood as you intended it to be by a lady is to use the assistance of our HEAVENLY HEARTS Letter Translating Service. With our Letter Translating Service you will find that your written correspondence will be expertly translated into a lady's native tongue. As well as being translated, written correspondence is sent to the lady recipient via our specialized Letter Forwarding Service. A return response from the lady, once we receive it, is translated into your native language and sent to you. It's simple and easy, and takes the possibility of miscommunication off your shoulders.

What you get with the Letter Translating Service ...

- A letter translated into the language of the intended lady (3,000 characters with spaces maximum) & forwarded to the intended lady via HEAVENLY HEARTS’ reliable Letter Forwarding Service
- A return response letter from the lady translated into your spoken language (3,000 characters with spaces maximum) & sent to you via HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Letter Forwarding Service

Sending a Translated Letter to a Lady...


- Log-in to your HEAVENLY HEARTS Membership Account
- Go to a designated lady's Personal Profile Page
- Click the [Have a Letter Translated] button
- On the Translation Service Page, follow the prompts and submit your correspondence to the lady. Once one the correspondence has been sent, you will receive a confirmation message acknowledging this.
NB. There is no set time for ladies to respond. Ladies can be busy with personal matters or limited access to the Internet. Ladies will always respond as soon as possible. If a lady hasn't responded within 7 - 10 days, please contact HEAVENLY HEARTS Customer Support and we will look into the matter further.

Letter Translation Service Costs...

Give your lady the opportunity to write and receive letters that are expertly interpreted by a professional linguist and highly experienced translator! Please go to the ‘Buy Services’ page in your personal HEAVENLY HEARTS account for further information on the cost of sending Translated Letters to our HEAVENLY HEARTS ladies.

NB. 1 (one) HEAVENLY HEARTS Translated Letter constitutes the sending and receiving of correspondence to 1 (one) designated lady.

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