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HEAVENLY HEARTS Letter Forwarding Service

Our specialized HEAVENLY HEARTS dating/marriage agency is a way for single, eligible men to contact single, eligible ladies with a view to finding a wife that is a Russian, Ukrainian or global lady bride.

Each lady's circumstance is different. However, the one thing that remains universal with all the ladies that we represent and are to be found on the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site is that they are beautiful, eligible and looking for a long and lasting relationship with a man who is loyal, compatible and loving.

Communicating with ladies...


- Personally meeting a lady or ladies (via a personalized HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour)
- Personally speaking with a lady or ladies (via a HEAVENLY HEARTS 3-Way Telephone Translation)
- Personally writing to a lady or ladies (via HEAVENLY HEARTS' Letter Forwarding Service)`

Though the best way to get to know a lady is undoubtedly via a personal face-to-face meeting on a HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour; writing to ladies via HEAVENLY HEARTS ' Letter Translation or Letter Forwarding Services can be a significant first step in introducing yourself to ladies and establishing introductory rapport. Please remember: getting together with the lady needs to happen - and sooner rather than later. Written correspondence is but a means to an end and is not meant to go on indefinitely. The sooner you and the lady can get together - the better.

Good & Bad, Fast & Slow Methods...
Writing to ladies can be done via regular 'snail' mail post, however, it is a very slow method, it can take weeks to arrive and is invariably unreliable as regular mail tends to go missing a good deal of the time. Currently, the most preferred method of sending and receiving written correspondence to a lady is by electronic mail (email). At HEAVENLY HEARTS, we have ladies that do have email addresses and ladies that don't. However, not personally having an email address should not be considered a detriment for ladies or those men interested in them as email addresses can be established for our ladies and messages can be passed on through our HEAVENLY HEARTS Letter Forwarding Service.

For varying reasons, a lady may be lovely and eligible, but not have direct Internet access. There are many possible reasons for this. A lady may live in an area that is not connected to reliable Internet services. A lady may not have a computer or be able to afford Internet services in her current financial state. A lady may not have sufficient computer skills to handle the requirements. The circumstances vary from lady to lady. We assure you that this is not an insurmountable problem. Actually, it is easy to resolve via HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Letter Forwarding or Letter Translation Services.

Please be assured that regardless of whether a lady has an email address on not, she may, in fact, turn out to be that Special Someone you have always been looking for. So, why pass up the opportunity of a lifetime?

We here at HEAVENLY HEARTS pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty. If you are in any doubt as to whether the ladies in whom you are interested have email addresses or not, please refer to the 'Contact Details Availability' area on a lady's Personal Profile Page. However, please don't let the fact that a lady does not have an email address deter you from writing to her. Via our Upgraded Membership Packages, Letter Translation or Letter Forwarding Services, we can easily put you in contact with one another

HEAVENLY HEARTS has a multitude of ways to enable contact to be established and accurate written correspondence to be maintained between couples when one or both persons do not have access to electronic media. One such way is via our Letter Forwarding Service. Written correspondence can be transmitted by our HEAVENLY HEARTS network quickly and effectively. As some ladies also require translation assistance, HEAVENLY HEARTS also provides Letter Translation Services that can be used independently or in conjunction with our 3-Way Telephone Translation or Letter Forwarding Services.

What is available to clients with HEAVENLY HEARTS’ reliable Letter Forwarding Service ...

- A written letter (3,000 characters with spaces maximum) sent to an individual lady via HEAVENLY HEARTS' Letter Forwarding Service
- A return response letter (3,000 characters with spaces maximum) from the lady sent to the male client via HEAVENLY HEARTS' Letter Forwarding Service

Sending a Forwarded Letter to a Lady...


- Log-in to your HEAVENLY HEARTS Membership Account
- Go to a designated lady's Personal Profile Page
- Click the [Letter Forwarding] button
- On the Letter Forwarding Page, follow the prompts and submit your correspondence to the lady. Once one the correspondence has been sent, you will receive a
  confirmation message acknowledging this.
NB. There is no set time for ladies to respond. Ladies can be busy with limited access to the Internet. If a lady hasn't responded within 7 - 10 days, please contact us and we will look into the matter further.

Letter Forwarding Service Costs...

Please go to the ‘Buy Services’ page in your personal HEAVENLY HEARTS account for further information on the cost of sending Forwarded Letters to our HEAVENLY HEARTS ladies.

NB. 1 (one) Forwarded Letter constitutes the sending and receiving of correspondence to 1 (one) designated lady.

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