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HEAVENLY HEARTS Introductory Letter Service

The HEAVENLY HEARTS Introductory Letter Service is an opportunity for our valued male clients to contact one or more of our lovely, eligible lady clients by written correspondence and introduce himself to her...

Via the HEAVENLY HEARTS Introductory Letter Service, a client can send ONE letter and receive ONE reply to ONE lady at a time. In total, a male member can send a Free Letter and receive a Free Response to the number of ladies specified by the Star level of his respective Membership Plan. If a member would like to upgrade his Membership Plan to take advantage of the increased number of Introductory Letters, Access to Ladies Profiles and other SPECIAL benefits, he may do so at any time by logging-in to his HEAVENLY HEARTS Membership account and going to the BUY SERVICES section.

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If there is a shared interest between the member couple – once, of course - the lady has responded with favourable correspondence, the man has the option of writing or contacting her further via the HEAVENLY HEARTS Letter Forwarding or Letter Translation Services. At any point in time, a man is welcome to either retrieve or purchase the address details of a lady (or ladies) of interest to him (depending upon the Star level of his respective Membership Plan).

As previously mentioned, HEAVENLY HEARTS Letter Translation Service is also available to assist a couple with translating letters from the native language of the lady to English and vice versa. Those clients who require translation assistance with languages other than English and Russian will need to contact our HEAVENLY HEARTS Customer Service Support Centre and speak to one of our friendly staff members. To contact HEAVENLY HEARTS, please use our CONTACT page options.

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HEAVENLY HEARTS can take your dream of finding that 'Special Someone' and help make it a reality.

HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Introductory Letter Service is designed for men who are genuinely looking for a future long-term relationship with an eligible lady. The HEAVENLY HEARTS Introductory Letter Service caters for the sending of Introductory Letters only. Please observe the following requirements in order to send a FREE Letter:

- Including personal addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers etc. in Introductory Letters is not permitted. Any Introductory Letter that is submitted and is found to include any form of personal address information will not be sent to the Lady recipient.

- A sender must include relevant 'serious' details about himself, such as name, age, height, what he is looking for in a relationship etc. Letters including a brief message such as "I love you. Please write!" will not be sent to the Lady recipient.

- A sender MUST include a good, appropriate photograph with all Introductory Letters to be sent. Photographs that are poor in quality or are seen to be in bad taste will not be sent.

- Any Introductory Letter not accompanied by a photograph will not be sent to the Lady recipient.

NB. There are a MAXIMUM number of 3,000 characters (including spaces) permissible in any one Introductory Letter.

Clients who have any further questions or queries on our Introductory Letetr Service or any other HEAVENLY HEARTS web site service are invited to us via our CONTACT options to discuss matters further.

HEAVENLY HEARTS is different from what is typically seen on the Internet as an on-line mail-order bride service. HEAVENLY HEARTS stands way above the rest as a professional marriage and dating agency that specializes in personal introductions, matchmaking assistance and in helping someone find their 'Special Someone'!

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