Forum-Web Site Scams

Forum / Web Site Scams

Our Forum and Web Site Scams subject page affords HEAVENLY HEARTS the opportunity expose and discuss in greater detail the various Internet scams and scammer sites that have been uncovered by us or our contributing clients. Primarily, we try to concentrate our attention on those scams and scammer sites that most directly relate to the type of business we maintain and the clientele we provide services to. Therefore you aren't likely to find a great many reports here on notorious memorabilia scams for instance. The main thrust of our Anti-Scam Initiative is to expose and help exterminate the myriad of scams and scammers that create a negative atmosphere of distrust and scepticism towards legitimate and reputable representational agencies whose trade relates to professional marriage and introduction consultancy and support service.

It has become apparent that in order to clear the air and remove the stain on the credibility of honest and reputable marriage & introduction agencies put there by the scammers, con artists and crooks, those cyber criminals that pollute the environment and make it difficult for said honest agencies to freely provide a high stand of service, need to be identified, exposed and somehow rendered incapable of continuing to cause cyberspace mayhem and destruction in any on-going capacity. It is a lot to hope for, but doing nothing will only see more negativity generated towards those marriage & introduction agencies who are, and who always have always been, honest, forthright and beyond reproach.

All the help and support we can get from everyone everywhere will only serve to make our job easier and bring to a faster end the despicable cyber crooks who ply their deplorable criminal antics in order to make a fast and dirty dollar.


Scam Site: Jim's Lists


Read our treatise on the elaborate con site known as 'Jim's Lists', those believed to be behind the whole scam and the dangers of taking the word of grubby cyber spectres and self-appointed 'authorities' like 'Jim' seriously and at face value. In short, 'Jim's Lists' is one of the biggest scams on the Internet and should under no circumstance be trusted or believed.

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Scam Site: Fiance.CON

(We're sure you can guess who this is)

Take a look at our close-up investigation of a seedy and disreputable web site that uses dirty tricks instead of professional ethics to eliminate the business opposition and direct customer confidence to its doors. The corruption behind the web site façade that we refer to as Fiance.CON (I'm sure you know who we mean), is so intense and so diverse that it uses nothing short of false and misleading propaganda, contrived hearsay, fraudulent claims, fake testimony and host of other dirty tricks to give everyone the impression that it is trustworthy. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It is a contemptible sham masquerading as a legitimate Internet dating site that should be AVOIDED at all costs.

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One particular inhabitant of cyberspace - namely the on-line forum - has been at the centre of a storm of criticism that has seen it charged with perpetrating such major offences as corruption, the posting of false and misleading information, criminal misuse by business interests, identity manipulation, slander, graft, unsupported character assassination and the perversion of justice. As a high profile and well-respected Internet business that represents tens of thousands of clients, we have been witness to the many offences that have indeed been perpetrated by the vast majority of on-line forums that litter the Internet. Our sentiments towards said forums, also their potential for corruption, their on-going abuse and criminal conduct have been commented upon in our article entitled 'The Truth about On-Line Forums...'

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