FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


HEAVENLY HEARTS is a highly reputable Marriage Consultancy and Representative Agency for both men and women who are interested in finding a person of the opposite gender with whom to form a loving and lasting relationship.
HEAVENLY HEARTS prides itself on being able to offer the best possible service to both established and new clients.

Who manages and operates HEAVENLY HEARTS?

HEAVENLY HEARTS is owned, operated and managed by Malcolm and Luda and the HEAVENLY HEARTS team. Malcolm, Luda and the entire HEAVENLY HEARTS team have many years combined experience in all areas relating to the process of International Agency Representation, Professional Consultancy and Action Development, Business Management, Interpersonal Skills Management and Support, Creative Development, Advice Counselling, Project Planning and Implementation, and Travel.

As experienced professionals, Malcolm and Luda have acquired advanced knowledge and skill, as well as the capability to use their personally developed expertise in the successful management of HEAVENLY HEARTS

No matter what the situation, need or customer requirement, Malcolm and Luda stand at the forefront of an organization that offers outstanding service. HEAVENLY HEARTS’ ability to relate to people and their needs is something that we pride ourselves on.

Malcolm, Luda and the HEAVENLY HEARTS team have tried to make the task of finding that special someone, something that is to be seen as a positive step forward, not a mistaken step back. We have a wealth of first-hand experience and a great understanding when it comes to the process of developing and establishing a lasting relationship between people from different countries and cultures.

Malcolm, Luda and the HEAVENLY HEARTS team know what it takes to help and represent people in their active search for someone to love and be loved by.

Let us be the one to help and assist you...

What services are available from HEAVENLY HEARTS?

HEAVENLY HEARTS offers a wide range of services that can help and support our clients. Please refer to the HEAVENLY HEARTS Main Menu for all related services, prices and contact details.

How much do these HEAVENLY HEARTS services cost?

All associated costs for services offered by HEAVENLY HEARTS are listed on the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site. If you have a question relating to the cost of a service that cannot be answered by referring to the web site, please contact us and we will cheerfully answer your question as soon as possible. Please use the on-line form located on our web site Contact Page.


How do I use the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site?

The HEAVENLY HEARTS team has tried to make your experience at our web site as easy and as simple as possible. Anybody from anywhere – as long as they are sincere in their intentions - is welcome to visit our web site and look at what HEAVENLY HEARTS has to offer. We have clients from all over the world both visit and purchase services from HEAVENLY HEARTS every day!

For first time visitors, we recommend that they register with HEAVENLY HEARTS and then explore our web site and see who we are and what we have to offer.

Depending upon what your personal needs and wants are will determine what aspect of the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site will be most appropriate to you.

If you are a man who has not visited our HEAVENLY HEARTS web site before and your primary interest is in looking for someone with whom to share your life and love, then we recommend exploring our Ladies' Gallery. Here you will find a bevy of lovely ladies who are single and each wanting to meet a sincere, honest and loving man to fall in love with and marry.

How do I do this?

In order to peruse the profiles of thousands of ladies, go to our 'Photo Galleries' section located on every web site page in the HEAVENLY HEARTS Footer area (at the bottom of the web page) and 'click on' the lady gallery section that is of most interest to you.

Another option is to use our HEAVENLY HEARTS Search function. Here you can be more specific as to the features and attributes you find most attractive in a lady. To use it, first log-in to your personal HEAVENLY HEARTS account and go to 'Search' on the HEAVENLY HEARTS Main Menu. Next, select the applicable information relating to the question fields on the HEAVENLY HEARTS Search 'Profile Pro Forma'. Follow the prompts and you will be given the details of those ladies' profiles who most closely match your selection criteria, as detailed on the 'Profile Pro Forma'.

How can I purchase HEAVENLY HEARTS services and lady contact details?

Both the personal contact details of all the lovely ladies appearing on the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site and all the related HEAVENLY HEARTS’ products and services may be purchased by existing and new customers at any point in time.
Throughout the web site there are purchase prompts in the form of 'click on' buttons that will take you to the HEAVENLY HEARTS secure on-line purchase pathway or, alternatively, the Buy Services area in each clients’ web site ‘My Account’ section .
Purchase prompts are found on each of the ladies' profile pages and on the individual product and service menu pages.

For any questions or assistance with any aspect of making a purchase on the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site, please contact us using the on-line 'Contact' page and we will respond to your correspondence as soon as possible.


How is it possible to communicate with a lady if she speaks no, or a small amount of, English?

HEAVENLY HEARTS provides translation services that will allow you both to communicate in the early stages of your correspondence and beyond. Please refer to our Translated Letter Service and 3-Way Telephone Translation Service.

When should I purchase gifts and services from HEAVENLY HEARTS for the lady of my choice?

Gifts and services can be purchased at any time. Some gentlemen like to start off their correspondence with a gift. Others like to give gifts or make gestures of their affection when they feel the time is right. It is up to the individual. HEAVENLY HEARTS is here to assist you with a range of services and gifts that will show your chosen lady how you feel about her. Please refer to our HEAVENLY HEARTS Gift Service for further details. Please remember ... it's never too soon to make a gesture that shows your thoughtfulness and feelings of affection.

What Services and assistance does HEAVENLY HEARTS offer its clients?

Please refer to our web site pages and page links for the many services and assistance that HEAVENLY HEARTS provides. If at any stage you are in doubt about any aspect of what HEAVENLY HEARTS is, has and does, then please contact us and we will respond to your correspondence as soon as possible.

How can I contact HEAVENLY HEARTS?

We here at HEAVENLY HEARTS can be contacted via email (written correspondence) and telephone / Skype (verbally). Please refer to our Contact page for further details.