Anti-Scam Policy


We here at HEAVENLY HEARTS are proud of the fact that we do all we can to promote a service platform that is patronized by Members who are sincere and serious in their intentions to find someone with whom to develop a long-term relationship. Regrettably, from time to time, we do have individuals join as Members for reasons other than to find a life partner. It is sad fact that legitimate web sites such as HEAVENLY HEARTS are tarred with the same brush as disreputable backyard operations aimed at ripping-off unsuspecting men for money or using women as bait for the same purpose. Often a highly reputable agency (and there aren't too many in existence) such as HEAVENLY HEARTS can fall prey to both men and women who want to use the Internet for purposes not in keeping with the professional nature of a web site such as ours. It is our policy that any Member, who is using the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site and its services for purposes not in keeping with our stated Terms and Conditions, will have their Membership immediately terminated .Such purposes may include user exploitation, manipulation or extortion (acquiring money under false pretences).

We here at HEAVENLY HEARTS take our professional responsibilities very seriously and want to look after the interests of both our male and female Members. As such, our Anti-Scamming or Anti-Con Initiative seeks to protect all our Members against individuals who contravene the safe and secure atmosphere we have worked very hard to maintain. As part of our Anti-Scamming Initiative, it is our responsibility to alert all our Members in good standing about any person or persons who have registered with HEAVENLY HEARTS, but who have contravened what is regarded as acceptable conduct or have been identified through their activities as being a potential 'Scammer', 'User' or 'Swooner'. This is type of occurrence does not happen all that often at HEAVENLY HEARTS because of our diligence in maintaining a safe and secure social environment. This policy of stringent monitoring also applies to individuals who are non-Members, but whose unsavoury actions either on or off the Internet have made themselves known to us and our clients.

A Scammer is considered someone who pretends to be romantically interested in someone else in order to trick them out of money or gratuities. A User is someone who takes advantage of the direct company of someone else in order to have them pay for that person when undertaking trips and visiting social venues. A Swooner is someone who cajoles someone else (the Love Target) into believing that love or the potential for love exists between the two persons in order to use the Love Target for sexual encounters. Once the Swooner has used the Love Target, he or she quickly disappears into the woodwork. Just like the Swooner, both the Scammer and the User have no intention of maintaining long term relations, but plan to use their unwitting benefactor for short-term gain. Scammers, Users and Swooners are found all over the Internet and are not just restricted to agencies that specialize in introducing eligible men and women to one another. Fortunately, due to our pro-active intervention, problems arising from the presence and activities of Scammers, Users and Swooners on our web site are not at all prolific.

Once we have proof that a Member or Non-Member's actions have contravened our stated Terms and Conditions or they have contravened what is considered as acceptable conduct, said Member or Non-Member is immediately and permanently banned from any association with HEAVENLY HEARTS. In order to warn other Members about such a person or persons, our Anti- Scam Initiative provides all Members with a detailed warning about any proven Scammer, User or Swooner. Members will receive such a warning in the form of an email sent to their registered email address or web site Mailbox. HEAVENLY HEARTS welcomes any information on Scammer, User or Swooners so that other Members can be alerted and any potential problems or unpleasantness can be averted.

Information on suspected Scammers, Users or Swooners can be directed to us via our Contact Page options.

NB. It is important that significant proof accompany any allegations or reports sent to us. Unfounded accusations cannot and will not be investigated.