Access To Ladies Contact Details

Access To Ladies Contact Details


The BEST & MOST LOVING ladies are here on HEAVENLY HEARTS! Our matchmaking services serve to put you in communication with thousands of eligible women who are all marriage-minded and looking for a good man to make them happy wives and Russian brides / Ukrainian brides.

It's now considered common knowledge that HEAVENLY HEARTS represents some of the most beautiful, lovely and loving ladies in the world. If you are a man looking for his one true love then you have come to the right place. Our web sites features tens of thousands of eligible and enchanting ladies all waiting to be contacted by the man of their dreams - that man could be you!

The ladies who come to us want honest, sincere, loving men for marriage, so those ladies that we place on our web site are all themselves sincere and legitimate and interested in the prospect of developing a further relationship with an eligible man. The men who visit HEAVENLY HEARTS are themselves looking to find their 'Special Someone'. They all have an idea as to the kind of lady they want; both visually and in terms of personality.

Regrettably, there are insincere males in cyberspace who actively provide false attention to eligible ladies. In a bid to concentrate only on those men who are true in their intentions to find and successfully woo a lady, many ladies have opted to decline on-line publication of their personal contact details. In this instance, men are required to take first steps to initiate contact with these ladies. Though their personal Contact Details Availability may reflect ‘Not Available’ status, ALL these HH ladies may be readily and securely contacted
directly through the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site via Membership, Letter Writing or various other Contact options. Please refer to our various information pages (see our Footer area) for further details on these options.

In order to make it easier to find the type of lady a man wants, we have organized our ladies into galleries. We have also provided our customers and clients with an ADVANCED SEARCH functionality that enables a man to undertake a more specific search of our database in terms of everything from hair colour to city of residence.

On top of all this we have our NEW RELEASE LADIES BRIDES gallery and associated MEMBERSHIP plans. All of which are set up to give our customers and clients the best possible support service itheir relative quest to find their 'Special Someone'.

HEAVENLY HEARTS Service Structure Questions & Answers…

Q. What do I get when I purchase a lady's profile and contact details?

A. You get the extent of the details that the lady has submitted to us upon her inclusion as a HEAVENLY HEARTS lady client. So, put simply, whatever the lady has given us - you get. Normally, ladies are required to supply their basic contact information in addition to snippets of information about themselves that deal with information that a man who is contemplating a possible relationship would want to know. Information not relevant to this is not published or required by us. What a lady chooses to declare at some later stage of the relationship is strictly a private matter. HEAVENLY HEARTS does not become involved in matters relating to the private actions of its clients or customers.

Sometimes a lady may not possess information that is normally asked of her by us, for example an email address or a telephone number. In this technological age, it may be taken for granted by most of those who live in Western-based countries that a telephone and computer are home essentials - everybody has one or knows how to use one - right? Well, NOT necessarily...

Unfortunately, a significant number of people, in particular ladies from Eastern Europe, either do not own a home telephone or computer; do not know how to use a home computer; cannot afford a home telephone or computer; do not have the finances to pay-off a home telephone or computer, or what it costs to publicly access a computer. This seems unimaginable in this day and age, but it is true.

A lack of technical skill or available finance can be an embarrassment to some ladies and a source of bewilderment to some men. Some men, unfamiliar with the social and economic structure of Eastern Europe can mistake this lack of information as something to be suspicious of and an inconvenience that impedes swift communication. It shouldn't be at all.

The objective of most men's agenda - when they are looking to find love with 'Special Someone' - is to find a lady with whom they can form a long and lasting relationship. Secondary factors should be taken for what they are and not made into insurmountable problems that put a stumbling block in the way of a potential relationship. Factors like not having a personal email address or not speaking fluent English are all things that can be resolved. At HEAVENLY HEARTS we have instigated many solution alternatives in order to assist both our male and female clients to get together and find that compatibility 'spark'. These services are available to all our clients and can be accessed via HEAVENLY HEARTS Membership and Subscription services.

Our Letter Forwarding Service and Letter Translation Service are but a few of the many initiatives that HEAVENLY HEARTS has on offer to assist and support our many customers and clients to meet their objective of finding that Special Someone and having the kind of fulfilment that only comes with finding true love and happiness with the right lady partner.


The information we supply you with has all the contact details that a man requires in order to contact the target lady. When you purchase a lady's Personal Contact Details from HEAVENLY HEARTS either via our Membership or Subscription Services, you will receive information in much the same way as this:

* Please note that address details are commonly written in English script when they are sent to our Members and Clients, but are set-out the way they are generally written in Eastern Europe i.e. backwards to most Western-based countries.

e.g. 612345 (Post/Zip Code), Ukraine (Country), Kharkov (City), Pushkinska Bulvar 74, (Street), Apt.27 (Apartment or House Number)

There are solutions to almost every type of problem...HEAVENLY HEARTS CAN ASSIST!


If the lady's Personal Contact Details are listed as being 'Not Available' on her HH Profile Page- HEAVENLY HEARTS CAN HELP!
Solution: HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Membership or
 Letter Forwarding Service

If the lady does not possess a personal email address - HEAVENLY HEARTS CAN HELP!
Solution: HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Letter Forwarding Service

If the lady does not have a personal telephone number - HEAVENLY HEARTS CAN HELP!
Solution: HEAVENLY HEARTS' Letter Forwarding Service or Telephone Talk (Telephone Talk is a personalized service available through HEAVENLY HEARTS Customer Support and is dependent upon the availability and location of each respective lady)

If the lady does not know or speak your native language well - HEAVENLY HEARTS CAN HELP!
Solution: HEAVENLY HEARTS' Letter Translation Service

If there is a problem related to any purchase - HEAVENLY HEARTS CAN HELP!
Solution: CONTACT HEAVENLY HEARTS Customer Support

So, take a tour of our site - better yet, become a Member or Subscriber and you will see that the best way to achieve your goal of finding true love and happiness with the LADY of your dreams is only a click away. Let HEAVENLY HEARTS help make your dreams a reality. Come and join us today!

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