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The best way to meet beautiful Russian women is by presenting a good image of yourself. First impressions count – particularly when it is a lady you are trying to impress. After you have browsed the HEAVENLY HEARTS web site and selected some ladies who you would like to get to know and with whom you would like to correspond, take the time and trouble to impress her the right way. With your correspondence, whether letter or email, include the very best photo of yourself that you have. This is not one of you and your friends drinking at the pub, or one of you with your arm around a girl, or one of you with sunglasses, or one with you somewhere in the distance. If you don't have a good photo’, consider having a professional one made. Don't make the mistake of writing to a beautiful woman and sending her a poor quality photo of yourself. You want to know what she looks likes so, understandably, she is also just as curious about your looks. Try to capture her attention by sending her something she will be attracted to, not something that kills your chances right from the start. Honesty is always the best policy and sooner or later the truth catches up with falsehood. The majority of these women are very highly educated and they are looking for sincere, faithful, honest men who will treat them with love and respect. They do not want to marry men who will treat them badly, as the majority of Eastern European men do. Take the time and trouble to do that little bit more and it is sure to get you much further in the long run. Think love and marriage – think HEAVENLY HEARTS!

Heavenly Hearts not only helps you meet Ukraine women, but we also help you correspond with them. What’s great about our Free Letter Service is that a man can send a Free Letter and receive a Free Response and through this process he can easily gauge whether there is interest on the part of both the man and lady towards each other – at no charge. If there is an interest then correspondence can continue and a relationship can be forged. Finding and getting to know a lady, as one of the most basic and integral steps in finding a Russian or Ukraine bride, needs to be approached with careful planning and understanding. Some men like the option of getting to know a lady by speaking with her on the telephone. There’s certainly no doubt that having a chat with a lady can be a very good ice-breaker. If the lady’s native language is not English or if her English proficiency is limited, then a service like HEAVENLY HEARTS Telephone talk can greatly assist. The HEAVENLY HEARTS Telephone Talk Service puts you in direct contact with a woman. You get to speak person-to-person with the lady or ladies of your choice. Should this lady or ladies not speak English then the HEAVENLY HEARTS telephone translating service can be used to assist with over-the-phone talk between a couple. Telephone Talk is but one of the many Support Services we provide. To find out more on this or our many other services, contact us at It’s a step that can change your life for the better and bring you true happiness.