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Kherson (Ukraine)

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine

Kherson is a city and administrative center of Kherson oblast, southern Ukraine. Kherson lies on the right (west) bank of the lower Dnieper River, about 15 miles (25 km) from the latter's mouth. Kherson population is about 389 000.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine

The climate of Kherson is of a moderate continental. The average temperature here is rather high - plus 9-10°C and the rainfall is quite small - only 320-400 mm. It remains to add that the frostless period in the region lasts for about 288 days and the sunny days in the year amount to 260-280. As you see Kherson is one of the warmest cities in Ukraine.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine
Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine


Kherson was founded in 1778 by the military leader and statesman Grigory Potemkin as a fortress to protect the newly acquired Black Sea frontage of Russia. Kherson became the first Russian naval base and shipyard on the Black Sea. Before Kherson there was a Russian settlement which existed since 1737.

Kherson was named after ancient Khersones. One of the leaders of building ships for the Black Sea fleet from 1783 till 1785 was Russian naval commander F.F.Ushakov. From 1787 till 1791 A.V.Suvorov headed the construction of fortifications in Kherson. Since 1803 Kherson is administrative center of Kherson guberniya. In early 19th century Kherson became a significant commercial port. Soviet power was established in Kherson in 1918.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine


Modern Kherson remains a major shipbuilding center. Kherson has a combine-building plant. Also Kherson has engineering, oil-refining, and cotton-textile industries.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine

Main Attractions

In Kherson there are  5 stadiums, 268 sports platforms and fields, 4 pools are numbered at the disposal of Kherson people and the guests of the city, so playing tennis or football is available for those who wish. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" - Kherson people prefer to combine work with the rest and entertainment, they have opportunity to visit theatres: Drama Theatre named on behalf of M. Kulish, the Puppet Theatre, which are waiting for their on-lookers. The youth of the city considers the cinema "Ukraine", having been equipped to the latest standard with the digital dolby surround sound, to be the most popular in the city.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine

Kherson is one of the most "green" cities of Ukraine -on the territory of Kherson some urban parks are located: the Park of Lenin Comsomol, Lenin Park where the Great Oak of more than hundred years grows, and the Park of Glory which stretches above the Dniepro.
The Dniepro flows into the Black Sea than, but near Kherson it forms a pleasant recreation zone, the river is fringed with the unique nature of the South of Ukraine, with its unusual flora and fauna. Our Dniepro gives us opportunity to keep the Hydropark in Kherson, where in summer thousands of people can have a rest.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine

The central street of Kherson- prospectus named in honor of the admiral Ushakov - begins with the Quay of the Dniepro, where you can find the  monument to the First Shipwrights.

The nature of the Kherson territory is unique. On the territory of of Kherson area the unique natural reserve is located  - Askania Nova – the first reserve of Ukraine. The largest value of reserve - virgin soil of the Steppe of 11054 hectares.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine

Being in Kherson you are sure will find a place to rest: on the picturesque banks of the Dniepro enjoying perfect nature of Kherson  land, walking along green parks of Kherson or in the small cafe in the centre of the city with glorious history.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine

Kherson's unique location by Dnieper and the sea have turned it into a large port of domestic and international significance. City is also internationally recognized as a centre of tourism. Kherson's buildings, streets and squares represent individual pages of the city's chronicle - remnants of fortification ramparts, the partially preserved arsenal, the Moscow and Ochakov gates which are monuments of military and fortification architecture of the 18th century, St. Catherine's Cathedral and St. Sophia Church.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine

How to get to Kherson

Air - There are domestic airlines that connect Kherson to other cities in Ukraine.

Road - Main roads in Ukraine lead to Kherson.  See distance table below.  These distances are based on main roads wherever possible.  For distances to other cities in Ukraine, compute the distances through Kiev.

Train - Trains are good and frequent between Kherson and other cities in Ukraine.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Kherson Ukraine  


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