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Our professional marriage agency can arrange a Romance Tour to picturesque Chernihiv. The city/location is the perfect place for meeting and dating the lady of your choosing. A woman from Chernihiv can make a wonderful bride and wife. Chernihiv brides are amongst the most loyal, loving and devoted ladies a man can possibly meet and marry. As place of beauty, romance and elegance,Chernihiv can give you that once in a lifetime opportunity to meet your 'Special Someone'.

P.S. You may also see the city referred to as both Chernihiv and Chernigov. These are legitimate variants that have been phonetically translated from the Russian/Ukrainian word.

Chernihiv (Ukraine)

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine

Chernihiv, is a city in northern Ukraine and capital of Chernihiv Oblast (region) Chernihiv is located on the northern bank of the Desna River, 130 km (80 mi) northeast of Kyiv. This is a border territory, so Chernihiv has traditionally friendly relations with the cities of neighbouring countries Russia and Belarus.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine

The local climate is temperate continental. The average temperatures for January and July, the coldest and the warmest months of the year, are respectively 19.2 F (-7.1 C) and 66.7 F (+18.7 C).

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine

As the center of the Chernihiv Region, the city is an important transportation hub. Being situated on the navigable Desna River, Chernihiv has much waterway transportation.

The population of Chernihiv is 293,000 approx.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine
Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine

History of Chernihiv

Chernihiv is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. One of the oldest cities in Ukraine, Chernihiv was the center of the tribe of Siveryane. Incorporated into Kievan Rus, the first significant Russian state in the 9th century, Chernihiv became one of the wealthiest cities in the realm and a seat of its own large principality. Following the devastation by the Tatar invasion in 1239, it became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the second half of the 14th century. In 1503 the city and its principality were annexed by Muscovy (present-day Moscow). In 1618 Chernihiv was transferred to Poland, and in 1648 it became part of the Ukrainian Cossack Hetman state. Starting in 1654, much of the Ukrainian Cossack territory gradually came under the control of Russia. The Cossacks' autonomy was further restricted during the reign of Catherine the Great from 1762 to 1796. Chernihiv continued to serve as a regional capital under Russian, Soviet, and independent rule.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine
Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine

Monuments & Architecture

One of the most famous monuments of those times is a mighty fortress, called the Dytynets, which was built at the beginning of the 12th century. The Dytynets is a park now, but it still displays 12 cast-iron guns of the 17th-18th centuries. Chernihiv of today is the administrative centre of the Chernihiv Oblast. At the same time it remains to be a place abounding in architectural creations of the past: the Spasky Cathedral (12th century); the Borysoglibsky Cathedral (12th century); and the Mansion of Yakov Lysohub (17th century). Most of the architectural landmarks are in a good state of preservation and are truly impressive sights.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine

Chernihiv as Cultural Center

Chernihiv is a cultural center with many longstanding traditions. Social venues include numerous theaters and cinemas and museums.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine
Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine

Seat of Lesrning

The city of Chernihiv has always been an important educational center. One of the first secondary educational institutions in Ukraine, the Chernihiv Collegium, was established there in 1700. Nowadays the city maintains its reputation for being the regional center of education and science. It has 4 universities and institutes, 7 colleges and technical schools, 8 vocational schools, 45 secondary and 56 pre-school educational institutions. On top of this it boasts branch headquarters for a number of Ukrainian and foreign universities and colleges. The city also has 10 research institutions.

Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine
Romance Tours, Marriage Tour to Chernihiv Ukraine

How travel to Chernihiv

Chernihiv is situated close to the capital of Ukraine (Kiev), so the most convenient way to get to Chernihiv for the most foreigners is to first to travel to Kyiv, then on to Chernihiv.

If you chose to travel by air, then you will come to Borispol State International Airport. It takes only 1.5 hours to get to Chernihiv from Borispol by car. You can also travel by bus and train. Chernihiv has a passenger and a cargo railway station, three bus stations and a river port.



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