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HEAVENLY HEARTS’ ‘Ask a Visa Question Service’ has been established as a service for Clients and Members who want to acquire detailed information on Entry & Marriage Visas without committing to a more comprehensive service package or commissioning HEAVENLY HEARTS to make and finalize a Proxy Marriage Visa Application for them (i.e. we write & complete the application on your behalf).

Please note that HEAVENLY HEARTS’ ‘Ask a Visa Question Service’ is NOT a free service as, by using it, a client seeks to access our professional experience and intellectual property on matters relating to the how and why methodology of obtaining a visa or making a visa application.

HEAVENLY HEARTS is more than willing to assist our registered Members and clients by offering web site service support FREE of CHARGE. In all matters that address General Enquiries relating to web site management and navigation, we ask that you use our CONTACT HEAVENLY HEARTS Service or contact us directly via the below listed contact media.

General Enquiries

Please use our CONTACT HEAVENLY HEARTS Service if:

- You have a question relating to web site management or web site navigation

- You want to enquire as to how HEAVENLY HEARTS can assist you in the completion of an Entry or Marriage Visa

- You have a question pertaining to the services HEAVENLY HEARTS provides relating to Entry or Marriage Visas

- You want to receive a quote as to how much it will cost to use HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Entry or Marriage Visa Services as they relate to your personal requirements

NB. HEAVENLY HEARTS will refer all enquiries directly relating to our paid visa services (i.e. services that bear an associated cost) to our Ask a Visa Question Service or recommend that you commission us to process or prepare for you your required visa documentation. The details of these forms of service will be discussed with you personally by us.


Ask a Visa Question Service

For clients seeking to gain information on matters pertaining to any of the below areas of interest, we ask that you use our Ask a Visa Question Service.

Please use our Ask a Visa Question Service’ if you:

- want to find out any visa requirements pertaining to your own personal situation

- want to get advice as to the best way to approach your personal situation

- want to discuss any visa matter

- want to obtain help and guidance on visas as they relate to your own personal situation or the situation relating to a lady from a foreign country

- want information or consultancy advice on any miscellaneous visa matter

Your personal visa enquiry will be attended to by professional writer, academic, teacher and HEAVENLY HEARTS business co-founder, and co-manager, Malcolm McRae. Malcolm has a wealth of experience in the researching, preparing and writing all types of Marriage Visas. He has the winning touch that turns any visa application into an outstanding document that is comprehensive and virtually impossible to say no to.

When Malcolm first lodged the Marriage Visa documentation for his wife, Luda (who comes from Ukraine) back in 2001/2002, the Australian Embassy in Moscow wanted to keep a copy of the document for permanent display so as (in their words) “…to show applicants exactly how to write a visa submission.”

Malcolm offers consultation services to all HEAVENLY HEARTS clients on visa matters no matter which country they reside in.

Malcolm specializes in Australian Visa Applications. He has written many types of applications for many clients and always with 100% success rate!

Here’s all you have to do to get started…

1. Go to the Ask a Visa Question on-line form located below.
2. Enter your full details in the required fields
3. Enter your question or questions in the Ask a Visa Question(s) box
4. Press [View] to review your data or [Reset] to clear
5. Once you have reviewed your data, press [Submit] and follow the on-line prompts

Once the submission process is complete you will receive confirmation that your payment has been processed and that your question(s) have been sent to us.

NB. All payments will be processed by our secure on-line payment system. We neither see nor retain any credit card details.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to use a credit card on-line, we do offer several reliable payment alternatives. HEAVENLY HEARTS offers our valued clients and customers the option of making alternative payments via Paypal, Western Union money transfer and direct bank deposit. Please contact us for further details on making an alternate payment.

What happens next?

Once you have successfully submitted your question(s) and your payment has been processed, we will be in contact with you within 48 hours regarding your enquiry. We will contact you either by telephone, email or on-line telephony provider (i.e. Skype). The respective mode of contact is largely dependant upon the nature of your question and the complexity of the response. This cannot really be determined until your question(s) have been received and assessed.


1 Visa Question - $49.00 US
2 Visa Questions - $89.00 US
3 Visa Questions - $129.00 US

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